Nicolás Siplis

Personal projects

Work Experience

2022 - Hive Streaming — Backend Engineer

Currently working on a peer-to-peer video distribution platform which leverages a proprietary algorithm to stream media over to several devices in the same network while minimizing latency and bandwidth usage. It's my first time working professionally with a non-web based backend system which is actually installed on user's machines. The experience has taught me how to take into account security considerations which are not applicable to the web stack. Additionally, strict restrictions on memory and CPU usage mean that optimization has to be kept in mind all throughout the development process.

2021 - Klarna — Backend Engineer

Worked on several microservices which store, ingest and enrich all sorts of data received from different parts of the system. It was a great way to learn not only how to develop and improve highly scalable projects, but also how to handle sensitive customer information which needs to comply with strict privacy regulations.

2020 - DataArt — Full-Stack Developer

Worked on a telecommunications project with an emphasis on automation, performance and safety. Gained significant experience in navigating and improving old codebases, while paying close attention to avoid breaking backwards compatibility.

2019 - Globant — Backend Developer

Tasked with a major sports network's backend rewrite, involving a complex migration from Groovy to Java. Working with a distributed team from all around the world helped me greatly improve my communication skills.

2018 - Despegar — Backend Developer

Implemented and iterated over several microservices designed to aggregate and return information for customer trips with additional data useful to travel agencies.

Technical knowledge